(Abandoned) Works in Progress – Lescure 13

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Well, as this site is soft launched, I’ve been going through the reams of project samples needed to rebuild my portfolio. Needless to say, with about six years worth of files, most of which is not immediately set up to be populated into this site’s specs, it’s a bit of work. Still, going through the archives, it is interesting turning over the bits of art that never made it anywhere.

Most of these are drafts – discarded for the final product that inevitably launched on went to print. Still, I figure in trying to reboot the blog portion of this site, it would be interesting to toss up some bypassed drafts that never saw the light of day.

Sure, some of these examples are a bit rough – certainly unfinished – but at least the fans or the curious can get a glance at what ‘might have been’ if things went differently.

First up – here’s some alternate cover for Lescure13′s ‘re-union / reboot’ release, “Too Much Motherf**kers”. Originally, the aim was to make it appear to look similar to an oldschool 80s industrial release (such as The Klinik, just to name a band)… but it sort of drifted off from there….

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